I am a Security Engineer & specialized into FinTech. I aim to make a difference through my creative solution.

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πŸ’» I kicked off my career in the Fintech world with Signzy, exploring the intricacies of digital security with prominent banks like HDFC, Axis, Citi, SBI, Pinelabs honing my skills in fortifying their digital infrastructures.
πŸš€ My expertise led me to Blockfi, a major player in the crypto industry, where I encountered extensive infrastructures and high-security measures. As a triager for the HackerOne bug bounty program, I thoroughly analyzed vulnerabilities, consistently reinforcing robust security.
πŸ›‘οΈ Currently, I'm leveraging my expertise at Klar, a prominent Mexican bank, where I'm actively involved in ensuring PCI compliance and spearheading application security programs. Additionally, I handle automation, penetration testing, vulnerability management, and product security as primary components of my work.
As your dedicated Security Engineer, I'm committed to strengthening digital infrastructures, ensuring optimal security, and making the cyber world a safer place, one vulnerability at a time. Let's connect and discuss how I can assist you in fortifying your digital defenses! πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ”
Proficiency -
- Penetration Testing.
- Application Security.
- Security Engineering.
- Product Security.
- DevSecOps.
- Cloud Security.


Klar - AppSec | Security Engineer | DevSecOps


BlockFi - AppSec | Red Teaming | Blockchain | Fintech | Crypto

NewYork - USA

Signzy - B2B | RPA | AI | APIs | Fintech | Banking | Digital Security

Bangalore - India

Community Member - Google Developer Group | Open Source India | Null Bangalore | Defcon India


Community Member - OWASP


Bug Bounty - Bugcrowd | HackerOne


Freelancer - Web Design & Development - Front End | SEO


Hacked Into -

I have secured more than 150+ global reputed companies, Some of my acknowledgements are -








Cambridge University

More 150+ organizations


" Connecting my dots by looking backwards "

Nasscom, Bangalore

With Vijetha Shastry

Lead Product Innovator for Nasscom India & Executive Director of TIE.

Google India, Bangalore

Google Developers Group

I have been a part of google development program for 1.5 years.Its been a great journey to work together and finding creative solutions for reshaping the world and being part of the future.

Cowrks, Bangalore

With Senior Manager of Cowrks, CEO of Reinvent Startups, Venture Capitalist & other creative minds

Had some great discussion regarding Indian Startup Ecosystem.

Trainer & Speaker

Trainer @ hackathon

Trained more than 300+ people in CyberSecurity where reputed companies like SAS, Accenture, Intel, Google & others were present in the hackathon.


With Aseem Jakhar - CoFounder of Payatu, Hardwear.io, Nullcon

Meeting Great minds across the country.He is one the inspiration and influenctial for infosec community.


Featured by 30+ global companies in their virtual sessions.

Recently featured by one of the fast pace SaaS company in their daily show.

Cambridge University

Appreciation from Cambridge University

I have secured and delivered my talks in many reputed universities and one of my wishes came true being acknowledged from Cambridge University.


Google , India

Provided apprenticeship training to Google India

I have provided my training on emerging cyber attacks & Code Exploitation in Google India.

Media Coverages

20+ Media Coverages

Media Coverages from many organisations, Shared my long road story.


Summarizing My Hardwork

Not Easy though !

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