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Hacking into the Mind Trap: Finding Freedom in the Present Moment

Life is a gift, and we must cherish every moment of it. However, in our quest for happiness and fulfilment, we tend to escape life in the name of thinking. We live in our heads, dwelling on the past or the future, forgetting to live in the present moment. This constant state of escape results in pain and suffering, which is entirely avoidable.

How we are escaping life in the name of thinking, the very moment which is the tiniest minuscule of time; it is inevitable, unchanged no one can change at the very moment, one may change the consequence after it’s gone, but the very moment, every inhale we take is very new and unique, In every inhalation & exhalation we are getting born and die at the same speed. The very minuscule moment I’m talking about, it would be wrong to measure the tiny speck of time, but for the sake of understanding, let’s say the very minuscule moment we are talking about exists a repeated 3-4 times in every inhale & exhale. Let’s consider every inhalation is one cycle of that minuscule time. That very moment is unchanged even if God comes and you say something in that very moment, Those something words that you have spoken are remarkably unchanged for the moment, maybe we can change the later consequences, or maybe shout at you or fight with you later but that very moment when you spoke, that moment is unchanged, Funny even the creator cannot change that very moment. The subsequent cycles of moments can be a million possibilities (like a surprise gift), and any possibilities will be unchanged for that moment, no one can change, no one can predict, here all we can do is accept life. Suffering starts when we expect a million possibilities in our way of wanting. Pain is there to evolve (Million possibilities. We don’t know what will be the possibility) but suffering is our choice (expectation of how reality would be in our way). Even God confuse when 7 billion people want the very reality in their ways.

If we understand this and be consciously living with this, We will find a new sense of freedom in life, We can boon an altogether new reality for us which we call life; the whole perception of reality changes, and even the very chemistry of how this mind works changes in your body, We will drop all our suffering here. We will drop all our karmic bondages & just witness the drama of this essential life. This is the doorway between the creation & the creator rest is just a hallucination.

Every time we think we are just escaping life, that very moment we are inhaling & exhaling (cycles of that minuscule of time), we are living the life, Sadly we don’t live life. We live in our head which is either some past or future, that which does not exist in that moment / minuscule of that time, all our tension, and suffering doest exists in reality (that very moment). It’s the mind that amplifies it. This is the very nature of the logical mind. I don’t mean not to think it is the tool of our survival & creativity but don’t live & dwell in there, which don’t even exist. This is not my preaching, philosophy or any ideology, not even the first person talking about, Nor want to just sound smart, This is not any skill or neither I am expert on the subject, just kneen observation of human mind.

Happiness is not an occasion, not any consequence. Happiness is a state of existence.