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Why smart people are dumb?

We think the voice in our head is the ultimate truth.

People like great artists, scientists, Philosophers, Mystics, or anyone who is deep concern and studying some way or other to understand the reality but most people get drowned in the imagination with the information and get lost in the path of reality.

They drowned in their imagined reality and live as it is.

The knife you are holding and starting to tear the fabrics of reality is the knife that turns against you and kills you.

Murdering the originality

If someone has a philosophy of something it took him a lot of efforts, thoughts, traumas to get to the conclusion, he build the door into the world of philosophy which gave us ease access to his conclusion without going through any efforts which also help us to track back the reality instead of drowning into information with a false conclusion.

And if someone tries to break the door directly jumps to the conclusion and judging it, he will lose back his reality door and get lost and drown in the false conclusion.

Now that β€˜someone’ is shaping his reality with the false conclusion he has and he will live with it.

It’s easy to get drawn into false realities in this world where every day you are consuming different information over social media, the internet, from people who are living the false realities but true reality for them.


A neutral person goes to Facebook and looks for a left wing post  he gets irritate and started collecting evidences of right-wing will colors his vision, that information might be true but not the complete picture and so adding more information confuses the guy and he shaped his reality into a right-wing guy and fight for the justice.

What if he might be the next bill gates? Or Ali? Or a great athlete?

Does consuming more information make him smart or dumb? He is shaping his reality with false information.

Never compare your intelligence with the quantity of information.

  1. Be an observer, seek possibilities instead of judging.
  2. Only judge if any information adds value to your survival process.
  3. Add notes make your conclusion first and then compare it with someone else conclusion.
  4. Never try to impose your realities on someone’s.
  5. Do not try to dissect what is reality and projection of the mind, Live it as it is Be an observer !!
  6. Stop concluding and living the character from your mind.